About the Miracle Party Foundation

We are an all-volunteer run charity based out of Denver, Colorado helping support over 240 children & teens diagnosed with cancer and blood disorders through our annual event gala.

The Miracle Party was founded in 2008 by Stacy Syphers after her daughter Kennedy was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma and wanted to plan her an end-of-chemo party. Since then the Miracle Party has celebrated 10 years of success and will have it's 11th Miracle Party on September 15th 2018.

Miracle Growth

  • 2008 (13 Families)
  • 2009 (40+ Families)
  • 2010 (76+ Families)
  • 2011-2016 (150+ Families)
  • 2017 (240+ Families)

No one fights alone. If children & teens get cancer, it is our duty to help them and their family celebrate life, feel hope, love, and compassion.

FIGHTING TOGETHER - One Party at a Time!