A Letter from our Founder - Stacy Syphers

My name is Stacy Syphers; I am the founder of the Miracle Party. I am a mother to 3 beautiful daughters and 1 son. My daughter Kennedy was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma (bone cancer) in 2007 at the young age of 10. Our lives turned upside down in a very short time; however thru our faith in God, we were able to turn the worst possible scenario into a positive, life changing experience. My vision for the Miracle Party actually began the week Kennedy was diagnosed. I can recall telling another mom (Mary Anne) in the hallway of Children’s hospital that when this was all over with we were going to have the biggest “end of chemo” party ever! Little did I know that party would be over a year away from that date. Kennedy’s treatment lasted over an entire year at The Children’s Hospital in Denver. She had 3 ribs removed, over 40 intense and aggressive chemotherapy and many setbacks, reactions, trials and tribulations. Childhood cancer is a horrible, oftentimes, unthinkable disease and not so easy to look at let alone talk about. Kennedy is a survivor like so many other unheard childhood cancer stories. Kennedy has scans every year now and has been declared cancer free! She is a normal college student. Life is worth celebrating!

I decided to plan Kennedy’s end of chemo party, which originally was to be a BBQ. It’s funny how things so quickly change. The more I looked around, it was obvious there were about 10 of us finishing treatment at the same time. So, I said heck, let’s throw a “BIG” party for everybody! We had meetings in the conference room at the hospital while our children were still in treatment; we solicited funds, volunteers, and hired help at the last minute but pulled off the Miracle Party 2008 in September with a Masquerade Ball theme. It was a fabulous party with over 700 attendee’s.

Our vision is bigger and better. With our application approved for a 501(c)(3) organization, we made Miracle Party now a ten year success. We’ve had a Superhero theme, formal gold carpet theme, space, and even a country night.

We need your help to pull this year’s event off so it is bigger and better than the years past. Help us make a difference.

I will continue to make a difference as long as I can. I promise this to the cancer families. Those diagnosed, those still in battle and those who have lost their lives as their families were hoping for a cure. We will do what we can to make a difference and continue to celebrate life at every stage.

The Miracle Party is for you. We do this for the children. We do this for the future! To bring our community together as one!

God Bless you all!